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Post Operative Discharge Instructions

Pets released the same day will be sedated. This is to help prevent pain, and allow better initial healing.
Be prepared to allow them to just rest that night.

Do not allow children to handle the pet at all the first night, and for 3-4 days only under your direct supervision.

Pets must be prevented from licking at their surgery site. Please report excessive licking or chewing. A special E-collar might be needed.

These collars help prevent the dog from self-traumatizing and/or infecting their surgery site. These collars are bulky, and some dogs are somewhat depressed or distressed when wearing them. You are welcome to develop an alternative. If your dog is sulking while wearing the collar take it off temporarily, but, only if you can provide no less than 100% supervision during this time. Your dog should not be allowed to lick or otherwise rub at the surgery site. This holds true for 7 – 8 days post-op.

Please notify us if:

  1. -your pet removes any sutures or otherwise irritates the incision (watch for swelling or oozing)
  2. -your pet refuses to eat or is depressed the first day home
  3. -there is a change in your pet’s general health

 The above are general guidelines. Discharge instructions more specific to your pet’s procedure will be given to you. Please limit activity according to the specific discharge instructions given to you. For example, orthopedic procedures often require very strict limitations on exercise.

Please do not hesitate to call if there are any questions about your pet.
Anniston: 256-236-8387

If your pet has external sutures or staples, they should be brought in for removal in 7 – 10 days unless stated otherwise in your discharge instructions.