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Anniston, AL 36201
Open Mon - Fri: 6AM - 8PM,
Sat: 6AM - 6PM, Sun: 10AM - 6PM
If your pet is in immediate need, call
(256) 236-8387


local veterinarians

Dr. Tom Nelson

Hospital Director

Dr. Tom Nelson attended Texas A&M for undergraduate studies and veterinary school graduating in 1979 with honors.

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Dr. Adam Cooner, Fear Free Certified

Medical Director

Dr Adam Cooner brings a lot to AMC. Veterinary medicine has been the perfect career to exercise his love of animals with science and the challenge of of medicine.

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Dr. Ginnilee Feldtman, Fear Free Certified

Staff Veterinarian

Dr Ginnilee Feldtman has had an avid interest in animals her entire life and, in high school, decided that veterinary medicine was the path to make the biggest difference for animals.

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Dr. Leah Donahue

Staff Veterinarian

Dr Donahue says her family and friends remember her talking about being a veterinarian before she herself remembers doing so - from the age of 6 years.

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Dr. Sriram Mupparaju

Staff Veterinarian

Dr. Sriram Mupparaju grew up in a small farming community in India and had a natural affinity for animals.

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Dr. Barry Nicholls

Staff Veterinarian

Dr Barry Nicholls bought Staples Veterinary Hospital (Staples Veterinary Hospital was founded in 1901 and was the first veterinary practice in Calhoun County) in June of 1982.

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