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Darlene Hicks, LVT

Darlene came to AMC in 1989 and AMC is now "family" for her. She enjoys all of the different aspects of medicine and surgery that can be done here, especially surgery and oncology. Darlene and husband Kevin have 2 children: Jared and Kayla and dogs Chuck, Nikki, Baby, Scout, and Dexter and cats Rick James, Yeti, Rusty, Libby, Cole, KitKat, and Girlfriend. An accomplished softball player in high school, Darlene now enjoys watching that sport plus football and many others.

Shannon Carter, Fear Free Certified, LVT

Since a little girl, Shannon had a dream to work with animals, whether a cowgirl, a zookeeper working with elephants, a lion-tamer or in the field of veterinary medicine. Shannon received her LVT in 2000 from Snead State and has completed courses in Fear Free, Veterinary Behavior and dog training. Shannon loves working at AMC because of the ability to do so many different things and treat so many different types of patients. When not at work, Shannon enjoys reading, teaching dance fitness class, horseback riding with Raiden Tokkotai, her American Paint horse or spending time with dogs Parker, Hector, and Banner or cats Sheldon and Bradley. She also has ferrets, fish and chickens.

Rosemary Ashley, LVT

Rosemary grew up "always having animals" and, interestingly, even enjoyed going to the vet with her pets. She was attending veterinary technician school and needed a place to finish her preceptorship, ended up at AMC and then stayed because of "the level of medicine we offer." She enjoys all aspects, but especially emergency medicine and internal medicine. Rosemary and husband Jay have a daughter Katelyn, who is a budding gymnast and dogs Abby, Logan, and Willie plus cats Teddy, Graham, Simon, Jasper and Luke.

Lawrence McAdams, LVT

Lawrence grew up with pets and always enjoyed the time he spent with them. It was his mother who encouraged him to check out the veterinary nursing program at Snead State, so he did and received his LVT degree in 1998. Lawrence is pleased to be able to work in a practice with high quality medicine and surgery. He enjoys cooking (trying new recipes - sometimes on the staff at AMC), science fiction books and movies, board games, scuba diving and underwater photography.

Patricia Womack, Fear Free Certified, LVT

Patricia enjoys teaming with clients to help their pets get better. She enjoys wellness, dermatology and weight management at AMC. At home, she and her husband Fred and children Gannon, Lara, Jessica and Ashley love their pets Delilah, Mishka and Penelope.

Susan Bryant, Fear Free Certified, LVT

Susan had "childhood animal love" and started out working as a receptionist in a veterinary clinic in Pensacola, Florida. The veterinarian encouraged her to go further - to get her degree in veterinary technology. She chose AMC due to the quality of medicine to which she was familiar. she is not only a Licensed Technician, but Fear-Free Certified, and a member of the ASVDT - American Society of Veterinary Dental Technicians. She enjoys veterinary dentistry, behavioral medicine and feline medicine. At home, Susan has dogs Phin, Roman and Ludivine and cats Meatwad, B K and Wilson. She enjoys yoga, travel (with her dogs!), backpacking, hiking and kayaking (also with dogs. Susan also helps numerous pet foster groups.

Cortney Cooper, Fear Free Certified, LVT

As many do, Cortney started out at AMC as a volunteer. She likes working at AMC because of the amazing pets and people with whom she is able to work. She and life-partner Chris enjoy travel, hiking, and spending time together.

Brandy Nelson

Veterinary Assistant

Brandy has always had an interest in taking care of pets - "a true calling" - since she was young. She started working for AMC when it was still Quintard Veterinary Hospital and has honed her broad range of skills over the years. She enjoys the wide variety of cases AMC gets to see, but especially enjoys helping in critical care and emergency medicine. At home, Brandy has Phoebe her cat and loves spending time with her nieces, reading, teaching science and participating in community theater (she was Ado Annie in Oklahoma!)

Danielle Chasse

Veterinary Assistant

Danielle has always loved animals and became interested in veterinary medicine during her time in the U S Military. Danielle loves emergency care and is one of the staff-members who will be awake and monitoring CCU pets and taking ER calls at 2AM. She and her husband have 2 dogs: Asuna and Sniper and 3 children - all rough and rugged boys. Danielle is quite versatile: she likes running, hiking, obstacle course racing and ballroom dancing.

Kyler Johns

Veterinary Assistant

Kyler has memories of bringing her pets to AMC from as early as 10 years of age. Even then, she could see the quality of medicine practiced. As a young adult, she decided to combine her long-time passion for animals with her budding skills and began to pursue a career in veterinary nursing (veterinary technology). Kyler enjoys emergency care and surgery most. When at home, she spends time with dogs Jasper, Titan, Little Bit and Aubbie and her cat Willie. Kyler also fosters dogs off and on throughout the year.