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Dr. Leah Donahue

Staff Veterinarian
pet health

Dr Donahue says her family and friends remember her talking about being a veterinarian before she herself remembers doing so - from the age of 6 years. "I was a typical young girl - crazy about horses and all things cute and fuzzy or fishy and crawly." She loved the sciences: biology, anatomy, physiology. Her grandfather, a retired college professor, would often be the one to answer her science questions. "Veterinary medicine was just a natural combination of my fascination and love of animals and science." 
Dr Donahue says she likes a good mix of medicine and surgery, taking satisfaction in a neat surgical incision, newly clean teeth, a well-controlled diabetic and finally getting that itchy skin under control. She also places great value on communication with the pet owner - whether that's the educational information relayed to a first-time pet owner, or sympathy shared with someone saying goodbye to their old friend. 
When not at work, Dr Donahue enjoys board games, binge-reading, arts and crafts, Bible studies and singing, leisure hiking, podcasts, experimenting with recipes, under-watering her yellow lantanas, escape rooms, puzzle scavenger hunts and hanging out with her Boxer dog Harper.