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Pet Care Specialists/Groomers Team

Christie Grayson

Pet Care Specialist

An animal lover for as long as she remembers, Christie always dreamed of working with animals. Even when not on duty, she has been a regular volunteer to help care for orphaned wildlife. Christie loves always being able to learn new things. When she's not doing that, s he likes anything outdoors: hiking, fishing, kayaking and spending time with her dog Parker and her cats Luna, Rey and Solo and her ferrets King and Katy.

Savanah Glad

Pet Care Specialist

Savanah has always been a lover of animals and always felt that it would be fulfilling to work with them and, hopefully, be making them feel better She says “I feel like animals really make this life better so, by making animals healthy and happy I am in a way doing the same for their owners.” Savanah has a Shih-Tzu named Sophie and enjoys spending time with her family and church and watching movies.

Brendan Haun

Pet Care Specialist

Brendan first did volunteer work at an animal shelter in Pittsburgh before deciding to make his passion for animals “official” by coming to work at Animal Medical Center. He enjoys painting and crafting and has 2 short-hair cats at home: Cas and Misha.

Kimberly Leemaster

Pet Care Specialist

Kimberly has always loved animals and knew it would be interesting to work with them, so AMC was a good choice for her. She is interested in all aspects of veterinary practice and has dogs French Fry and Grim and cats Steve, Loki and Lucifer.

Brian LeBlanc

Pet Care Specialist

Brian Leblanc volunteered at AMC during his high school years with the dream of becoming a veterinarian one day. Since then, Brian, pictured here with Meena, has received his Bachelor’s degree in biology at Jacksonville State University and is currently working on his Master’s - all while maintaining a 3.7 GPA. He still plans to attend veterinary school, possibly through the U.S. Army program.

Helen Davis


Helen always had pets in her life from a very early age: a cat and a dog and even white rats. She was an avid horsewoman – owning her first horse at age 13. Her dream job was to work in a veterinary clinic to be around as many animals as possible.

Helen actually started at the old Quintard Veterinary Hospital (now Animal Medical Center) ~ 28 years ago and with the guidance of Dr. Nicholls, Dr. Hillman and Dr. LeCoq, she was trained to help in every part of the clinic. She taught herself to groom animals starting (again) at the age of 13 when she got her first set of clippers. She practiced her grooming on everything from her miniature poodle to her horses.

Helen currently has 2 dogs; Eclipse (standard Poodle), Willow (Chihuahua), 6 cats: Socks; Jerry, Chrystal, Kitty, Sinnat and Kalie, 3 horses: Ally, Strawberry and Montana, a flying squirrel: Zippy and 3 Koi fish.

Helen and her husband Michael have 3 beautiful daughters: Amanda, Amy and Ashley and six wonderful grandchildren.

In her off-time, Helen enjoys horseback riding, crafting, working in her flower garden and just enjoying life as much as possible.

Kristin Horton


Kristin started working with animals as a teenager and worked in a pet store, then with a groomer, then as a Pet Care Specialist at AMC before attending technician school and grooming school. Kristin and her husband Tyler enjoy backpacking, hiking, caving, swimming, and kayaking - often with their Labrador Kevin and Corgi Cricket. Good-hearted Kristin often volunteers to help with orphaned baby birds.

Payton Denham

Pet Care Specialist

Payton joined our Pet Care staff in early 2019 and has a dog named Leonidas. She wants to learn as much as possible about animal medical practices, protocols and procedures. She enjoys hiking, exercising, reading and archery and hopes to one day be involved in exotic animal rehabilitation and conservation.

Ali Ramsay

Pet Care Specialist

A native of Jacksonville, Aabama who now lives in Oxford, Ali enjoys working with animals and learning the best ways to care for them. She has 2 dogs of her own: Nova, a Lab-Border collie mix and Harry - a hound dog and Beagle mix. Ali's goal is to obtain an associate's degree in veterinary technology.

Adrienne Swindle

Pet Care Specialist

Adrienne has a true passion for animals and plans to become a veterinarian one day. Currently, she is working on her Bachelor's degree in Organismal Biology with a minor in Gender Studies.  She has pets Boston, Booger, Yogi, Cedric, Wee Wee, Waffle and Syrup (the last 2 are kittens that arrived together!) Plus, her kind heart leads her to accept fosters and rehab patients. Adrienne is President of JSU students for equality and is a member of the JSU pre-vet club. All of this wexperience will help her with her DVM degree.  She also enjoys hiking, foraging, traveling and learning new things.