Dr. Ginnilee Feldtman

Dr. Feldtman has been a member of the AMC family for many years, as she worked as a Veterinary Assistant during her undergrad years at Jacksonville State University and her veterinary school years at Auburn University's College of Veterinary Medicine. She says she always has had a deep passion for animals and wanted to do everything she could to help them, and what better way than becoming a veterinarian?

Dr. Barry Nicholls, owner/partner of Animal Medical Center, said, “Dr. Feldtman has skills beyond her years that come from working in every area of the hospital. She is reliable, compassionate, and trustworthy.”

“I wanted to work at AMC as a vet because through the years working as an assistant, I saw the standard of medicine available and received remarkable mentorship,” said Dr. Feldtman. “I wanted to come home to my AMC family so I can continue to grow in an environment where I can be the best veterinarian I can be.”

Dr. Feldtman is pictured with one of her dogs, Mia, and her bunny, Schmutty Bunny.
Email Dr. Feldtman: DrGinnileeFeldtman@amcvets.com