Interesting Pet Products
On this page you will find interesting pet products. The listing of the product doesn't constitute a recommendation, unless specifically stated. The products listed here are ones we have seen and thought had some potential or ones that our employees have suggested we list.

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Buster Dogmaze: This dog bowl is an interesting product for dogs who eat too rapidly or for dogs that need an extra mental challenge. You can watch a video of the product here.   Price: $30.00-$35.00

Litter Robot: Pricey litter box for those with money to burn, and no desire to clean a litter box.
Price: $389.00

Neaterfeeder Bowls: A product for messy pets or those with neck pain. Price: Cats $35.00-$40.00 Dogs $60.00-$65.00

Walkin' Wheels: Wheelchairs for help with the care of elderly, injured or disabled pets. Website features other helpful products including harnesses, lifts, etc. Prices depend on size and structure of the product.

OTHER WEBSITES: The following website have some interesting products for pets, too.   Features products to help lift disabled pets.    Features a product for cats to be able to eat in private.